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Search Engine Optimization-

Do you want your website to reach the top of the search engine rankings the natural way? Our professional SEO services can give you a boost. We look beyond picking keywords; we help you align your website goals to match your business goals.

SEO Premium Package:
Here’s what is included in every SEO Premium Package:
1. Site Inspection
We take a close look at your existing website to find opportunities for making it more“SEO friendly.”
2. Interview
We believe that discovering what is important to your business (and why) is the key to producing the best results.

That is why we put so much emphasis on this initial 1-hour meeting where we discuss:

• Your business goals.
• Your target audience.
• Your key products / services.
• Your definition of success.
• Your competition.
• Your key web pages.
3. Validation
We reflect “what we heard” from our interview with you, giving you the opportunity to validate our assessment or catch any errors before we proceed.
4. Keyword Collection
We gather a comprehensive list of potential keywords and their variations, focusing on website visitor perspective.
5. Research & Analysis
We research keyword popularity, competition, and relevance to provide you a short list of keywords ( ≈ 10 keywords for up to 10 landing pages ). We examine your current website rankings, recursive links, and your
top web competitors ( up to 5 ).
6. Action Plan Review
During this 1-hour discussion, we present our recommendations and the reasoning behind them. Here you will learn what changes and additions will help your website climb the rankings. We can also provide you with a quote for implementing your plan, including copy writing and programming, upon request.
SEO Basic Package
With our SEO Basic Package, you will be armed with the knowledge to conduct your own optimization initiative. While this consultation offering is designed for the costsensitive organization looking for guidance,
we maintain our commitment to top-quality service.
Every SEO Basic Package includes:
1. Site inspection
(As previously described.)
2. Interview
(As previously described.)
3. Validation
(As previously described.)
4. Training & Strategy Review
During this customized 1-hour training session, discover how search engines find your website, how to select “good” keywords, and how to write for search engines. Learn tips and tricks that will save you time
and maximize your SEO effectiveness.